The Bible tells us a simple truth: the steadfast love of God and our redemption from sin through His Son, Jesus Christ. This truth is told through thousands of years of histories, testimonies, and stories that are complex and would take any human a whole lifetime to understand. Still, they will never fully grasp the deep complexity and mystery of it all within that time frame. That is the beauty of the Bible, the gospel, and who God is. However, as Christians, we are called to know more so that we may love God more. 

Thirdmill Institute recognizes the richness of the Bible and understands that not every pastor, leader, or person has easy access to the materials that can help them understand the Bible more profoundly. That is why the Institute’s curriculum has been written and created in text, video, and audio forms so that people across the globe in any position may be able to make these complex concepts easily understandable. 

In an e-mail from Pastor S. in Indonesia, he expressed immense gratitude for the profound Biblical knowledge provided by Thirdmill Institute’s materials. The resources have been instrumental in enhancing his teaching, particularly in the realms of both Old and New Testament studies. The availability of video content in the Indonesian language has been incredibly helpful, making the complex concepts easily understandable through direct viewing. This support has been a blessing, empowering him to impart wisdom and understanding to his congregation and students.

Anyone can access these videos online at under the “LEARN” tab. To create a proper setting of learning and understanding concepts you can join a Learning Community that will discuss the material together and how it can be applied to your daily life. Learning in a group provides the space to ask questions, debate, and consider other perspectives broadening the understanding more than learning individually. You can go to and enroll as a student under “CLASSROOM LOGIN.” After doing this, you will find the courses available in both video and audio formats.

Thirdmill Institute wishes for everyone to understand and know the Bible more, and the importance of how the story of Jesus is told. Going through the process of learning and becoming a student is easy and designed to be an encouragement as you move forward with your learning. If you have any further questions about accessing the material or what it looks like to join a Learning Community, please contact us at [email protected].

By Josieann Ownbey