Thirdmill Institute works with churches, educational institutions, and Christian leaders to help foster an environment that helps individuals grow in their knowledge and faith. This deep cultivation then leads the whole of that community to grow and prosper as well. It is through strong and faithful partnerships that this hope of the Institute is accomplished.

This past month, Thirdmill Institute had the honor of having a Collaborative Webinar with partners, Majelis Pendidikan Kristen (MPK) and BAHTRAKU. These educational institutions share our commitment to providing training, empowering, and equipping individuals and churches with the proper instructions on how to grow and live out one’s faith. Thirdmill Institute helps both of these institutions and more accomplish that very purpose.

The Collaborative Webinar, a gathering of 518 participants from across Indonesia, served as a space for educators to contemplate the profound challenges faced in the realm of Christian education. Issues such as impacting students with a limited faith foundation and staying aligned with God’s word were discussed. Thirdmill Institute, through its course materials, empowers educators to stand firm in their faith, enabling them to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of their students.

While there can be knowledge without faith, Thirdmill Institute wishes to see a genuine intersection of the two, in which knowledge increases faith. Emphasizing the importance of the leaders, educators, or preachers, the Institute advocates for both great knowledge and strong faith. It has been when those two things come together that the prosperity of the church has been its greatest. When leaders embody this, communities surrounding the church find a safe space to boldly ask questions and seek guidance.

A pastor in Central Asia has been able to experience firsthand the reality of what it looks like for a church or organization and its leaders to hold both knowledge and faith. They say, “What I realize is that we need knowledge, in order to raise up the church and develop discipleship. To bring real benefit to the community. And at this event, I saw a great opportunity: helping to grow our church…Often we just call people to the church, but we don’t show them the way to become true believers and how to be like Jesus Christ. We do not answer questions about how to follow Christ…I think the information we have heard today about the Institute will help us with that. We expect spiritual growth.” Thirdmill Institute expects and hopes for spiritual growth as well, within the church, but also within each individual as well.

With this knowledge, leaders, educators, or preachers can strengthen the foundation of their faith, protect students from false teaching, and make decisions that are in line with God’s word. There is a bright future for Christian education across the globe, where educators shaped by sound theology through Thirdmill Institute can shape the next generation that is strong in faith.

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The Foundations Certificate is recommended for all church leaders, or those in church who wish to know more. The course offers a perfect mix of theology class and Bible class to train leaders well and maybe start their own learning community.

By Josieann Ownbey