Want to be a Student?

The Institute is designed for students to go through the material in small groups we call Learning Communities. It is not designed to be done alone by simply watching the material and taking the quizzes and tests. Through the Learning Communities you will have the experience of learning together through discussion and application. Each group is made up of students and someone who can lead the group called a trainer.

Once you are in a Learning Community, you may register as an online student by clicking the CLASSROOM LOGIN button above.

students learning together

Requirements: We only have two. First, to be in a learning community. Second, we ask that each student is involved in weekly ministry in their church, organization or community so they can apply the things they are learning in the Institute.

How do I register?
Click on the orange CLASSROOM LOGIN button in the upper right corner of this page, which takes you to the Institute’s online classroom. From there, you will be prompted to create a username and password for your student account. Once you have completed the registration, follow the prompts to enroll in each course.

How do I find a trainer?
One of the best ways to find a trainer is to talk to your church, ministry or community to see if they could help you find one. Often churches are excited to have the opportunity to help in training leaders. A great start is to talk to the pastors of your church, other leaders, or friends in your Christian community to find those who may be interested.

What if I don’t know anyone in my community or church who could join in this with me?
Do you know anyone else who would want to be a student and in a group with you? You could be the trainer even as you go through the classes and earn the certificates. The Institute is set up in a such a way that even if you have very little experience, you can still be a trainer. We provide all the information needed in order to be a trainer on our Trainers page.

What if I cannot find anyone else be on this with me?
You can contact us and we may be able to help you find someone in your area who can serve as trainer or who would be interested in being in a group with you. Email us at: [email protected]

For even more information on what it looks like to be a student please visit our Student Orientation Manual page