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About the Thirdmill Institute

The vision of Thirdmill is to provide Biblical education. For the world. For free. The Thirdmill Institute combines its world class seminary classes and practical ministry training to offer three certificates in Foundations, Bible and Theology. The Institute is designed to be done in small groups to prepare future leaders, pastors and church planters around the world, for free.



The Foundations Certificate provides foundational courses on theology as well as Old Testament and New Testament

paul writing

Certificate in
Biblical Studies

Our second certificate covers additional courses in Bible ranging from Old Testament through Revelation

Cross and trinity

Certificate in
Theological Studies

This certificate covers additional courses in theology ranging from systematic theology to doctrinal ethics

Our Badges

The badges enable Institute students to put into practice what they are learning. Each course includes a practical life or ministry skill badge that is introduced as part of the learning community discussion. With the support and encouragement of their trainer, the skill is developed and put into practice throughout the course. Badges covered in the Foundations Certificate include prayer, evangelism and discipleship and preaching/teaching.

Sample a Lesson

Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament: Lesson 2 – The Kingdom of God

Explores a proper understanding of the Bible’s theology of the Kingdom of God by providing the most comprehensive outlook on the Old Testament.