Thankful at Christmas

The thousands of years of the complexities of our sin and how we can never measure up to the righteousness of God on our own, find simplicity and grandeur in the advent of Jesus, humbly born in a manger on Christmas. 

This is the joy and hope of Christmas, long-awaited for the arrival of the Savior to save us from all sin. Even today, we are waiting for Him to come again so we may spend eternity with Him. Our prayer at Thirdmill Institute is that everyone will experience the joy of Christmas, recognizing that Jesus Christ is the greatest and most wonderful gift that we will ever receive. 

We are thankful for the gift of Jesus – a gift that not only redeems but grants us the privilege of diving deeper into the Word of God and knowing Him more deeply. Through Him, we also receive the gift to be connected with Christians all around the world who desire the same. What a gift it is to celebrate the One who came and the One who is to come! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

By Josieann Ownbey