The mission of Thirdmill Institute is to provide Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. Over the past three years, Thirdmill Institute successfully shared that mission with numerous countries, communities, and churches across the globe. It is this very mission that enables these individuals to gain a deeper understanding of theology and the Bible, be transformed personally, and acquire the skills to do ministry to further impact the people around them.

Thirdmill Institute has been established in Kenya for years, assisting people in learning, ministry skills, and application. The use of Thirdmill Institute in Kenya and in many other countries has significantly increased connections and impact. These relationships formed, and testimonies shared are what lead the Institute to new communities and churches that seek sound theological and Biblical training.

This is exactly what led Thirdmill Institute to the Kakuma–Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement Camp in the Northwestern region of Kenya. The camp was established in 1992 and has continued to grow ever since then. Originally intended to accommodate 58,000 people, it exceeded this number, leading to the creation of another camp just 20km down the road, which now has a population of 254,962 registered refugees. The camp harbors a whole generation born and raised there, full of young people and children who know no other place to call home.

The camp holds a great network of pastors leading congregations of over 400 members and representing various denominations. However, these pastors have had no formal Biblical training, and are longing for the right theological teaching.

Responding to this need, our East Africa Area Director, Cloud Roman, hosted a two-day Trainer Training Event at the camp hosted by Christian Church International and Sports Friends-Kenya. Ten young pastors representing seven different church denominations were trained on how to lead Institute Learning Communities and become a part of a Learning Community themselves.

The work that is happening at the Kakuma–Kalobeyei Refugee Camp is incredible, and it would not be possible without the hand of God working to provide a way to be with the refugees at this camp and offer the training and education they have been seeking for so long.

Join us in praying for the Kakuma–Kalobeyei Refugee Camp and the work being done there. That their knowledge may enhance, and their love for Christ may grow deeper. We praise God that through the work of these faithful servants of God, lives will be changed as ministers are trained up in the Kakuma–Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement Camp.

Training Events

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By Josieann Ownbey

Thirdmill Institute Training at the Kakuma–Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement Camp