Thirdmill Institute strives to provide sound Biblical knowledge, for the world, for free. We believe that there is a deep need for churches and people to know and experience Christ fully, and even further prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world to God’s kingdom.

While many people across the globe hold steadfast faith in God the Father, many of those same people lack proper education on the teachings of the Bible and lack access to sound theological teachings. Students using Thirdmill Institute have recognized the immense ways our curriculum has helped reveal to them the grandeur of the gospel, and the deeply personal nature of God’s love.

At a recent graduation ceremony for students in China, many reflected on how the Institute has shifted their fragmented understanding of the Bible into a more holistic view that is continuously correcting their faith. One of the graduating students shared, “I have been a believer for many years, but I didn’t know what the gospel was. The Thirdmill lesson helped me to finally figure out what the gospel is. The gospel is the good news of the victory of God’s Kingdom. It is no longer the gospel that I used to know as just the news that brings personal salvation. Now the gospel of God’s Kingdom shifted my perspective from Earth to Heaven.”

This is the hope of Thirdmill Institute, that everyone using our curriculum may gain awareness of areas where they may have misunderstood or misused the Word of God. Addressing these misconceptions can not only impact the individual but also the people and community around them. It is important that what we know and understand about God and His word is right and true, so that it may further impact those around us and allow us to fall more in love with our Creator

Thirdmill Institute Graduation

Congratulations to the recent graduates in China who have successfully earned both our first and second certificates. Additionally, we extend our congratulations to the thirteen recent graduates in Dallas, Texas, who have completed our first certificate. Join us in continuing to pray for all of them as they continue in their learning and the growth that comes with that. As well as praying for all Institute students and church leaders, that they may experience spiritual growth, and for time to study Thirdmill material and the Word of God and impart it to others.

If you wish to begin learning with Thirdmill Institute the process to sign up and get started is easy! The Institute is designed for students to go through the material in small groups we call Learning Communities. Each group is made up of students and someone who can lead the group called a trainer. Once you are in a Learning Community, you can register as an online student by clicking the CLASSROOM LOGIN button at the top of the website. Once you have completed registration, follow the prompts to enroll in each course.

By Josieann Ownbey

Institute student receiving his first certificate at Trinity Chinese Church in Dallas, Texas