Thirdmill Institute provides free, certified Biblical and theological training for anyone, anywhere in the world. Thirdmill Institute breaks through a lack of funding, internet access, and language differences. Currently, Thirdmill Institute offers materials in fourteen languages and is accessible in over 90 countries, allowing users to access our curriculum at no cost.

Recently, our Regional Director of Africa and the Middle East, Al Hawthorne, and our Vice President of the Global Network, Brent Ropp, conducted a training event in Kuwait. At this event were twenty people seeking theological education in their preferred language. Despite the abundance of resources providing Biblical curriculum, none came without a cost – this is where Thirdmill Institute plays a crucial role.

Tamil, spoken by many attendees in Kuwait, is one of the fourteen languages Thirdmill Institute provides our curriculum in. For many of the participants, this was a long-awaited solution. A woman in attendance (picture to the right) said, “In many churches, there are false teachings, and they don’t understand the real meaning of the gospel. I searched for a curriculum in Tamil to teach my friends. So, when I heard about Thirdmill I was really happy and I thanked the Thirdmill group for translating the gospel into Tamil. I am really happy and thank you for all your efforts.”

Thirdmill Institute recognizes the richness of the Bible and understands that not every pastor, leader, or person has easy access to the materials that can help them understand the Bible more profoundly. That is why the Institute’s curriculum has been translated, written, and produced in a variety of languages for a wide multitude of people to use and understand for free!

To start using our materials as a student or trainer, you can sign up by clicking the “CLASSROOM LOGIN” button at the top. We encourage all of our users to be a part of a Learning Community with a trainer to best understand and apply the material you are learning. If you have more questions regarding Thirdmill Institute and how to become a student, you can contact us at [email protected].

By Josieann Ownbey