Learning communities are one of the most vital parts of the Thirdmill Institute program.

It is through the learning communities that our students connect more deeply with the course material, engaging not just their minds but their hearts as well. Through study they learn and grow in their knowledge of God, but through the meetings with their learning communities they find that their relationships with God are more vibrant as they discuss what they are learning with others. Then students are better equipped to share what they’re learning with their churches and communities.

Currently over 8,000 students are involved in learning communities! We are so excited to see God’s blessing over this process. Over the last few months, we have been made aware of some students who haven’t been able to find a trainer or learning community in their location.

For students who haven’t been able to find a learning community, we have some exciting news!

In August 2023, Thirdmill Institute will begin online learning communities for those around the world who haven’t been able to find a trainer or join a local learning community. These online learning communities will work just like local learning communities. Students will study the material at home, watching the videos, studying and taking quizzes and will then meet online each week with an Institute staff member to discuss that week’s module.

man working remotely with laptop

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