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Is The Institute Really Free?

How Much Homework Does A Student Need To Do Each Week?

How Long Does It Typically Take To Get A Certificate?

What Are Badges?

What Would Be The Best Courses For New Believers?

What Are The Best Courses For Training Church Leaders?

Starting A Learning Community

What Is A Trainer?

I Want To Be A Student. How Do I Find A Trainer?

Does Thirdmill Ever Offer Their Own Learning Communities?

Who Can Be A Trainer? What Are The Requirements For Being A Trainer?

How Can I Receive Training To Be A Trainer?

Do You Have To Be An Expert To Be A Trainer?

What Are The Main Goals Of A Trainer?

How Do I Recruit Students?

How Many People Should Be In A Group?

How Do I Organize Group Time Together?

How Long Should We Meet Each Time?

Do We Have To Follow The Suggested Order?

Do We Have To Get Through Every Question In The Discussion Guide?

Certifications and Credits

What Are The Requirements For Receiving A Certificate?

How Do I Receive My Certificate Once I’ve Completed All The Course Work?

Is The Institute Accredited? Can I Transfer Institute Certificates?