Thirdmill Institute provides Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. Through a structured certificate program, students are guided through all Thirdmill materials in a group called a Learning Community. Once each certificate is obtained, the student graduates with a diploma in Christian Ministry. This structure was designed so that pastors and anyone worldwide can better lead, minister, and disciple people in their church and community.

A majority of our mission is to reach people who have limited access to major resources like money and the internet. It is a gift that through God’s grace and kindness, we have been able to now bring sound education and theology to anyone despite their lack of resources. However, that does not mean that people with abundant resources don’t need sound Biblical and theological teaching – because they do!

Transformative and good work is being done in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Formations Bible College is a non-profit evangelical Bible school that equips believers from all walks to impact their world and spheres of influence through theological and ministerial training. They use Thirdmill Institute’s curriculum to further achieve this goal.

Formations Bible College has partnered with us since 2022, and two groups currently go through our courses to obtain badges and certificates. Recently, a group just completed the Foundations Certificate and many of these students shared how the courses, discussions, and experience have helped them grow in their faith and impact their ministry.

Many of them expressed a newfound perspective on the Bible and a greater appreciation for the Old Testament’s connection and support to the New Testament. One of the students said, “I was surprised to learn that it isn’t just our faith in the Lord that builds our relationship with Him – but also his faithfulness to us and in us.” As well as participating in a Learning Community helped foster a deeper relationship with God and their community.

“I met a total stranger that confided she would like to understand the Bible. We have developed a special bond and I am disciplining her. I never would have imagined this possible [without Thirdmill Institute]!” – Pamela Brimmer

“The course on the prophets gave me a much clearer and deepened understanding of the prophetic, not just as its function is revealed in the OT, but also its application for today. The course on Interpretation is a total game changer – opened up interpreting and applying scripture in a whole new dimension.” – Dalene Russell

We are so excited for the work God is doing in Cape Cod, and for the students who have completed their Foundations Certificate. Please join us in praying for them as they move forward to earning their next certificate, and for all students, across the world, that they may continue growing in the grace and knowledge of our God!

If you also wish to dive deeper into scripture and its meaning, we invite you to become a student and join a Learning Community! You can do so by enrolling as a student by clicking “CLASSROOM LOGIN’ at the top of the page. As well as finding people in your church or community who seek to know the word of God more deeply and forming a group that works together through our curriculum.

By Josieann Ownbey