Zoom Call with Dr. Harpal in India

by Rachel Lamb, Institute Training Advisor

Since the introduction of the Thirdmill Institute, we have seen God work in mighty ways throughout the world. Thirdmill’s mission is Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. We are so excited to offer a FREE certificate and diploma program to pastors and church leaders around the world. Keep reading for more information on the first Institute learning community in India!

Spotlight On Thirdmill India

It’s safe to say that these past two years have been filled with hardships. COVID 19 has devastated countries throughout the world. It has closed churches, seminaries, and bible schools. It has left people homeless and needy. However, even with these challenges God is continuing to work throughout the world to have his Kingdom come and for people to know Him. Rev. Dr. Siani Harpal, president of New Life Gospel Ministries, is one of those people that God is using.

Dr. Siani Harpal’s ministry vision is “to preach the Word of God to the millions and to liberate the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to care for orphans and widows, to empower youth & women, to spread awareness, to reach the hardest and darkest sections of our society with love and light.” One of his ministries is a Bible school with 26 students. They are currently working through the Institute’s Foundations Certificate. The courses are being completed offline, meaning the students do not take the quizzes and tests online, but rather they use printed versions of the tests. The Foundations Certificate normally takes one year to complete, but because of how often they meet, they will complete it in three months.

I remember meeting Siani on a Zoom meeting the first time and seeing his excitement and enthusiasm for the Institute. He talked about how so few Indian pastors are trained and that the majority have little or no training. Thirdmill wants this to change.

How Can Pastors Be Trained?

The Thirdmill Institute is a FREE, three-year diploma program that provides a strong biblical and theological foundation. It consists of three certificates: Foundations, Biblical Studies, and Theological Studies. It is completed in a group setting, with one person being the trainer and leading a group of students. As you read earlier, it can be completed offline, like Siani Harpal’s Bible school, or through the online Institute classroom. The curriculum is currently available in English, but translation is happening in many languages, including Hindi and Telegu.

The Benefits of Thirdmill Curriculum

  • Free seminary education
  • Answers the need for training of pastors
  • Flexible (can be done online or offline)
  • Institute students go on to become trainers who train others

God works in so many powerful and mighty ways. He gives us all a call for our life. Thirdmill wants to provide the training that will help you understand more about who he is. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do not only in India but throughout the whole world!