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Introducing Online Learning Communities

Learning communities are one of the most vital parts of the Thirdmill Institute program. It is through the learning communities that our students connect more deeply with the course material, engaging not just their minds but their hearts as well. Through study they learn and grow in their knowledge of God, but through the meetings with their learning communities they find that their relationships with God are more vibrant as they discuss [...]

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New Year, Same Mission

Thirdmill Institute learning community locations (in orange) New Years is a time of making resolutions and challenging ourselves to do better. I don’t know about you, but any resolution that I make I normally have failed at about a month or two in. Some might wonder, why make a resolution at all? Although I can totally relate and have personally, at times, thought that myself, I have come see the [...]

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Thankful at Christmas

I love Christmas; I always have.  My mother did everything she could to make sure Christmas was special for my brother and me when we were children.  The tree, the presents, the food, the cookies, and all the traditions that went along with Christmas were my favorite. But I love Christmas in an even deeper way as an adult. One of my earliest spiritual thoughts that I can remember was when I left [...]

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Dallas Webinar

In July we had a special time of training and orienting potential students and trainers throughout the Spanish speaking world. We had a time to gather Spanish speakers from Dallas, San Antonio, Mexico and even Columbia to learn more about what the Institute offers in Spanish. Which will be all three certificates by the way. :) If you're interested or speak Spanish, feel free to check out the video of the webinar below. [...]

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