The Institute’s mission is to empower churches and leaders globally to equip others for ministry through free, certified biblical training.

God has called leaders of the church to guide his people in the truth, but when these leaders do not know the Scriptures, they often turn to cultural influences and harmful traditions that can mislead God’s people into all kinds of destructive, false teachings like:

Over the years, churches and organizations around the world have expressed a growing need for a ready-made biblical and theological training program, using Thirdmill’s curriculum, to prepare their people for ministry.

With the launch of the Thirdmill Institute, this program is now a reality!

The Institute’s program is provided free of charge and is open to everyone, regardless of previous education, and has the flexibility of being implemented over the internet or off-line.

How does it work?

The Thirdmill Institute works with churches and Christian leaders to create local learning communities consisting of a group of students and a dedicated trainer. Typically, the trainer will be provided by a local church, a group of churches, or a Thirdmill partner. The Institute will work with learning community trainers and equip them to provide leadership, mentoring, record keeping, and student achievement certification.

Learning communities that utilize an “online” approach will have access to Institute classroom materials at Learning communities that utilize an “offline” approach may download the materials from the Institute website or request a microSD card.

The Institute offers three separate, seminary quality certificates. Each certificate combines a sub-set of Thirdmill courses with ministry and life skills acquisition through a system of badges. Students will earn a Diploma in Christian Ministry by completing three distinct certificates.